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Businesses In The UAE Require A Trade License. Golden Key Business Consultancy Services Simplifies The Process Easier By Assisting In The Getting of Different Licenses Such As Professional Or General Trade License In Dubai. The Cost For A Trading License In Dubai Might Vary Based On The Business Activities. Golden Key Is Experienced And Has A Good Knowledge About The Complex Procedures Of Attaining Trade License And Helps The Entrepreneurs In Acquiring The Necessary Licenses Without Much Difficulties.

Obtaining A General Trading License In Dubai Or Sharjah Is A Legal Requirement For Undertaking Commercial Activities. The Cost Of Trade License In Sharjah Varies Based On The Business Type And Jurisdiction. It Enables Companies To Operate Within Specific Parameters, Ensuring Compliance With Local Laws. Getting A Trade License Involves Adhering To Governmental Procedures.

A commercial trade license is a necessary document for companies that engage in buying or selling goods in the UAE, whether within the country or internationally. This license covers a wide range of business activities, including importing and exporting, product trading, rental services, brokerage firms, logistics firms, real estate, and more. At Golden Key Company Setup, we can assist your business in obtaining a commercial trade license to carry out your trading activities legally and effectively in the UAE market.
Dubai is a top tourism destination and the UAE’s economic department and DTCM have introduced a mandatory tourism license for businesses in the tourism industry. This license is required for travel agencies, tour operators, and hospitality companies. Golden Key Company Setup offers guidance, assistance with the application process, and reminders for license renewals to help tourism businesses obtain the necessary license and operate legally in the UAE market.

A professional trade license is compulsory for service-oriented companies in the UAE, allowing for 100% ownership with the involvement of a local service agent in the process. Business activities such as management consultancies, law firms, marketing and design firms, and auditing and accounting companies can be conducted under a professional trade license. At Golden Key Company Setup, we can assist in obtaining a professional trade license and provide guidance on the appropriate license type for your business.


An industrial trade license is issued to businesses engaged in industrial and manufacturing activities within Dubai and throughout the UAE. This license requires a physical office located within the country. Notable activities that can be covered under an industrial trade license include product manufacturing, casing, furnishing, and packaging. Golden Key Company Setup can assist your business in obtaining an industrial trade license and provide guidance on the requirements and procedures for establishing a physical office in the UAE.

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